About McVan Religious Products

McVan Religious Items Manufacturer

Founded in 1944, McVan is the prime jewelry manufacturer in the USA of religious jewelry, wall crosses and crucifixes. Because of their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction McVan was the first religious jewelry manufacturer Catholic Saint Medals brought on board. While they are renowned for the quality of their line of wall crosses and crucifixes, it is their beautiful religious medals, rosaries and cross and crucifix necklaces that are the heroes on our site.

McVan Religious Gifts

“Our products are a reflection of a shining inner faith”

The saint medals and rosaries manufactured by McVan are the best value of any we carry. Not only does McVan care about quality but they have a commitment to ensure religious items are accessible to the largest number of people.

Having personally toured their office and manufacturing facilities, quality, commitment and friendliness stand out in their staff and operations.

Hand finishing a silver crucifix
Craftsman hand finishing a newly made crucifix

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