As a Patron Saint of Purity and Chastity, Saint Karolina Kozkowna is renowned for her true commitment to the Catholic faith. She grew up in Poland and was raised Catholic. She often expressed her Christian faith and prayed amongst her family and friends. She is known to have foregone sleep in favor of praying the rosary.

During World War I, the Kozkowna family suffered the harsh impact of the war. The Russian army overtook various towns of Poland. In 1914, a Russian soldier arrived at the Kozkowna household and ordered that Karolina and her father accompany him. When they followed the soldier into the forest, the father was ordered to go back home. Then, the soldier attempted to force himself upon Karolina and was unsuccessful. She gave up her life so that she could remain chaste and a true Bride of Christ.

She is a patron for young people and farmers to this day. Many view her life as a symbol of humility and steadfast faith in God. The date of canonization for Blessed Karolina Kozkowna is unknown