A 20th century saint, St. Pier Giorgio Frassati’s family owned the prestigious La Stampa newspaper. Born on July 4, 1901, he was an indifferent student known for being devout. He was involved in social organizing along with various Catholic youth organizations. He was a member of Catholic Action and Apostleship of Prayer. Social reform was the mantra of this boy who became a third order Dominican.

Pier started Momento, a newspaper based on Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical addressing the right and duties of Capital and Labor in an industrial society. A liberal with a passion for social justice, Pier Giorgio e opposed the fascists gaining power in Italy. Arrested at one church-organized protest, he famously refused special favors offered by police in deference to his family after his arrest

Tragically, Pier died of polio in 1925. Thousands of mourners lined Turin’s streets to pay last respects. Patron saint of Bishop McGuinness High School, Pope John Paul II beatified him on May 20, 1990. The Dominican Order holds a feast day for him on July 4.