School Fundraising Cash

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THe Basics - How the Program Works

This program is for groups affiliated with a Catholic School, Parish, or Ministry. It is not an individual affiliate program or a program for bloggers.

Local Partners (schools, youth ministry programs and parish ministries) request a partner week, get approved and are assigned a Local Partner Code.

Sales made at Catholic Saint using the Local Partner Code earn a cash rebate of 10-20% for the Local Partner.

• 10% payout – Up to $1,000 in sales
• 15% payout – over $1,500 in sales
• 20% payout – over $2,000 in sales

All records are automatically tallied from the Local Partner Code. Payout checks are sent within 10 business days after an event closes.

The rewards are greatest for a well-timed event that is vigorously promoted.

  • Consider scheduling your Partner Week close to parish events such as First Communion or Confirmation.
  • It can also be effective to schedule a Partner Week before Christmas or Mother’s Day.

Since all sales are online, when a Local Partner leverages their existing website, social media and email lists they greatly expand the reach and profitability of their efforts.

  • Place link on your parish/school website with your assigned Partner Code and the dates of your Partner Week.
  • Send home Flyers to families and/or insert flyers in your Parish bulletin. Customize the template in the materials pack provided.
  • Post details on your social media accounts such as Facebook and encourage people to share it on their social media channels.
  • Email parish members, school families and alumni to encourage them to participate and share the Information with their friends via email and social media.
Fundraising Local Partner Signup
Use the address where check should be sent at the completion of the fundraiser.
Date requested for the start of your fundraising event. Your event will run seven days beginning on this date.