Honoring Military Service with Free Engraving

Veteran Day 2018

I am a scoutmaster and this summer as part of a boy scout adventure we stayed on the battleship New Jersey. On that overnight I had the opportunity to get a glimpse into what the brave women and men of our navy did, and still do, to protect our freedom. Those who serve in the armed services are called, in a unique way, to be a “force” for justice and right. They literally step forward to lay down their lives for the safety and freedom of others.

Certain patron saints have a particular relationship to those in the various branches of the armed services. Among these holy helpers are: St. Michael the Archangel, St. Joan of Arc and St. George. While our collection of military saint medals has special items for men and women, in all branches of the US military, one medal in particular brings all the saints and services together

For Veterans Day 2018 in recognition of our veterans, and those in active service, we are offering up to three line of engraving FREE on our most popular medal for each branch of the armed services. Engraving normally costs $20, but from November 9 through November 18th it is free on our most popular 5-way Military medals. Enjoy this full week of free engraving on our best military medals.

Thank you to all who have served or serve today.

Chris Sig


US Navy Insignia
US Marine Insignia
US Coast Guard Insignia
Air Force Insignia
National Guard Insignia
Army Insignia

Engraving a 5-way Military Medal

The free engraving offered on these medals is up to three lines in either script, Roman or Helvetica. Here is a video of a 5-way medal being engraved with script.

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