cross necklace

Like the Christians of old, today’s Catholics find comfort and meaning in wearing religious jewelry or a necklace. They serve as a sacramental, reminding them of God ever present in their life. The following categories of Catholic jewelry offer a variety of beautiful Catholic necklaces, cross necklaces, crucifixes and other religious jewelry. Many of the items here feature traditional Catholic symbols while others have a contemporary flair.

Stylish, modern necklaces carry symbols like “Footprints”, the Papal Crucifix, and even cancer support necklaces for loved ones. A wide variety of traditional Catholic medals as a necklace are available as well. Some symbols of the Faith go back to the earliest days of the Church, when Christians decorated the catacombs with such images: an anchor, which represented their hope, a lily, which symbolized purity of heart, and the dove which represented their peace, which was the fruit of the Spirit.
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