Saints related to Patron Against Fire

St Barbara Hol Card

St. Barbara

According to her legend, St. Barbara secretly becaeme a Christian. When her father discovered that she had converted, he dragged her before a judge, where she was condemned, tortured and beheaded.…

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Saint Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine was born in Italy in 1347. Although she had no formal education, she became the adviser to princes and popes, even admonishing the pope to return the papacy to Rome. Because of her…

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St. Eustachius

St. Eustachius

St. Eustachius was a general of the Roman army. While hunting, he saw a vision of Christ’s crucifixion and instantly converted to Christianity. Because of his conversion, he lost his family…

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St Florian Holy Card

St. Florian

St. Florian was a third century Roman citizen who had a very prestigious position in the army in Noricum; he oversaw brigades for firefighting and for military battle. He was told to make a sacrif…

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St Francis of Assisi Holy Card

St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis was born Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone in 1181 to a wealthy cloth merchant. He was headed to war when he received a vision from God, so he devoted his life to preaching about God whi…

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Saint Helen

St. Helen

Saint Helen, often referred to as Saint Helena, was the mother of the great emperor Constantine. Known for her liberality, she built many churches and generously helped the poor. Because of her p…

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St. Lawrence Card

St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence was a deacon who lived in the 3rd century, a time of great persecution of Christians in Rome. He was brought before a judge, who ordered a slow, painful death, that he be grilled over…

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St Lucy

St. Lucy

St. Lucy lived in Syracuse in the early fourth century and was a virgin martyr of the Diocletian persecution. Refusing to marry a pagan, St. Lucy was turned over to the governor and she was torture…

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St. Nicholas Holy Card

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas dedicated his life to serving God as a priest, and then as a bishop. One of the best known stories of St. Nicholas is one where he saved three girls from slavery by paying their dowry.…

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