Saints related to Patron of Sailors

Sailors throughout history have had a dangerous job. No wonder they have multiple patron saints! The primary patron saints for sailors are St. Brendan the Navigator and St. Christopher.

St Brendan – A legendary traveler, at a time when most significant travel was by boat, earned Brendan the titles “the Voyager” and “the Navigator”. His many safe voyages by boat and ship unite him to the hearts of sailors today, who desire safe passage. [ view St Brendan Items]

St. Christopher – A legendary giant of a man, Saint Christopher is primarily known as the patron saint of travel. His patronage arises out of his journeys, seeking a purpose for life, which was eventually identified by a monk. That event led him to serve as a human ferry carrying travelers across a dangerous river, keeping untold numbers of travelers from a watery death. [view St Christopher Items]

St Elmo – Also know as Erasmus, he was an italian Bishop at a time of persecution and suffered much for his faith. In one account of torture, the saint was protected by lightning striking down those tormenting him. A patron of sailors, he is the Elmo in St. Emo’s fire, a glowing plasma seen on masts, aircraft wings and lightning rods. [view St Elmo Items]

Other Patrons of Sailors

Additional saints are also patrons of sailors for various reasons.

St Andrew – Because of his work as a fisherman, before Jesus called him to be a disciple, and his work as a “Fisher of Men” after he was called. [view St Andrew Items]

St. Clement – Patron of sailors due to the circumstances of his martyrdom, where an anchor was tied around his neck and he was thrown into the sea. [view St Clement Items]

St. Michael – He is God’s enforcer, scouring heaven of the rebellious angels and casting out the devil. The ultimate protector from evil, he is patron for all who face danger. [view St Michael Items]

St. Brigid – The daughter of a Christian woman captured by pirates and bound into slavery in pagan Ireland. A virtuous woman who is one of the patron saints of Ireland where the sea surrounds everything. [view St Brigid Items]

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Learn More About the Lives of the Saints who are Patrons of Sailors

You can learn more about each of these saints and find devotional medals and rosaries by clicking on the tile below related to their story.

Saint Andrew Holy Card

St. Andrew

St. Andrew, brother of St. Peter, was chosen to be one of the original twelve Apostles. After Christ’s resurrection…

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Anthony of Padua Holy Card

St. Anthony of Padua

Wanting to join the Franciscan martyrs, St. Anthony left his native Portugal and set sail for Morocco, but his ship provid…

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St Brendan

St. Brendan

St. Brendan was an Irish monk and priest who lived in the 6th century. He sailed on many missionary trips around the Bri…

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St Brigid of Ireland

St. Brigid of Ireland

St. Brigid of Ireland is believed to have been born around the year 453 in Faughart, Ireland. At the age of 15, she devot…

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St Christopher

St. Christopher

St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, is one of the most popular saints. Besides the fact that he was a martyr of t…

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St Clement

St. Clement

St. Clement was the fourth Bishop of Rome, dying a martyr around 100 A.D. He is one of the Apostolic Fathers and his writ…

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St. Elmo

St. Elmo

St. Elmo is an abbreviation for the name Erasmus. He served as the bishop of Foremiae, Campagna, Italy and was martyred du…

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St Lucy

St. Lucy

St. Lucy lived in Syracuse in the early fourth century and was a virgin martyr of the Diocletian persecution. Refusing to …

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St. Michael the Archangel Holy Card

St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael is one of the best loved of all saints in the Catholic tradition because of his strength and dedication to God…

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