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St. Sebastian Patron of SportsSports equipment

While there a many different sports, there is only one official patron saint of sports, St. Sebastian a 3rd century soldier and martyr.  A captain of the Praetorian Guard, he was secretly a Christian and gave aid to persecuted Christians. When the emperor discovered his deception, he ordered him killed.

Sebastian was martyred twice. First he was shot through with arrows and left for dead, but he wasn’t. When a Christian woman Irene came to take his body for burial he groaned. Irene took him into her home and tended his wounds. Recovered, he boldly went to the palace to confront the emperor. Enraged that Sebastian still lived, the emperor took no chances and Sebastian  was beaten to death on the steps of the palace.

His strength and stamina along with his courage and perseverance are some of the qualities that make him a fitting patron saint for athletes.

Other Saints Related to Particular Sports

St. Rita of Cascia – Informally the patron saint of baseball

St. Lidwina – Patron saint of ice skating

St. Luigi Scrosoppi – Patron saint of football (soccer)

St. Bernard of Montjoux – Patron of skiers

Additional Athletic Saints

St. John Paul II – This recent Pope was an avid hiker and skier

Venerable Michael McGivney – The founder of the Knights of Columbus, he also played baseball (left field).

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati – An avid skier and mountain climber.

Blessed Chiara Bando – Was a tennis player

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St. Sebastian

St. Sebastian was a captain of the Praetorian Guard during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. He secretly brought supplies t…

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