Saints related to Patron of Telephones

In the scope of human history the telephone is a recent arrival, but there’s a patron saint for it. The celestial messenger, Gabriel the Archangel has the honor of being the patron saint for the telephone. Derived from his role as a messenger of God, Gabriel is a great fit for the patron messages over long distances. His role in communicating to the Virgin Mary God’s desire for her to be the mother of Jesus is the most prominent example of Gabriel’s role as long distance messenger.

Ironically, another saint often invoked when there are phone troubles is St. Clare who was a cloistered nun before the age of wired or wireless anything. The gift of bilocation; the ability to be in two paces at once, is attributed to St. Clare. Thus her role as the Patron of Television, and by extension the telephone and telegraph.

St Clare Holy Card

St. Clare of Assisi

Born to a wealthy family in Montefalco, Italy in 1194, St. Clare left everything to live a life of poverty. She became a disciple of St. Francis of Assisi and together they founded the Poor Clares…

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Gabriel the Archangel Holy Card

St. Gabriel the Archangel

The Angel Gabriel served as God’s messenger in several places in the Old and New Testament, but most importantly in connection with the Incarnation. He announced the birth of St. John the Ba…

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