Saints related to Patron of the Poor

St Anne

St. Anne

St. Anne, or Ann, is the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. She was married to St. Joachim and according to tradition, the holy couple was childless for many years, before the…

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St. Lawrence Card

St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence was a deacon who lived in the 3rd century, a time of great persecution of Christians in Rome. He was brought before a judge, who ordered a slow, painful death, that he be grilled over…

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St Lucy

St. Lucy

St. Lucy lived in Syracuse in the early fourth century and was a virgin martyr of the Diocletian persecution. Refusing to marry a pagan, St. Lucy was turned over to the governor and she was torture…

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St. Luigi Orione

St. Luigi Orione was born in 1872 in Pontecurone, Italy . As a seminarian, he opened a school to provide a Christian education for poor young men. He was ordained a priest and founded the Hermits…

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St. Maria Goretti Holy Card

St. Maria Goretti

St. Maria Goretti was born Oct. 16, 1890 at Corinaldo, Ancona, Italy. She was stabbed repeatedly during a rape attempt when she refused to submit. In the hospital, St. Maria forgave the young man b…

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St Martin de Porres Holy Card

St. Martin de Porres

St. Martin de Porres was born in Lima, Peru in 1579 to a freed black slave and a noble Spaniard. He joined the Dominicans and through his endless penances, became a martyr in life. He is credited w…

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St. Nicholas Holy Card

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas dedicated his life to serving God as a priest, and then as a bishop. One of the best known stories of St. Nicholas is one where he saved three girls from slavery by paying their dowry.…

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St Philomena Holy Card

St. Philomena

St. Philomena was a Greek princess in the 3rd century who was martyred at a young age. She refused Emperor Diocletian and was subject to torture. She was eventually decapitated. Her tomb was discov…

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St. Regina

St. Regina was born in Alesia, on the boarder of ancient Gaul and Rome. She was raised Christian by her nurse, and lived with her as a shepherdess after her pagan father threw her out. She was impr…

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