Top 20 Popular Saints for Women or Girls

Sorted list of the most popular saints for women and girls. Features a top 20 listing with links to medals and stories. This list is comprised of the devotional saint medals most frequently purchased for women or girls over the past 12 months. Not included are Four and Five Way Medals which have multiple saints included in their design.

Holy Card Featuring St Therese

This list provides some indication as to which saints are likely more popular as Confirmation names since a significant factor affecting saint medal purchasing are the thousands of young people who receive the sacrament of Confirmation each year. Confirmation is one factor affecting the name on this list, but it also indicates areas of concern or need. For example #5 on the male saint list St. Peregrine is the patron of those afflicted with Cancer.

Blessed Virgin Mary with Jesus

1. The Blessed Mother

The Blessed Virgin Mary is honored as the Queen of all saints. Small wonder she is the most popular Catholic saint. Her whole life was a Yes to God, which makes her an excellent model and inspiration for all God’s people. As the Mother of God, and in turn, our Mother, we regard her with veneration, honor, and love. All Christians are familiar with the role Mary played in the First Christmas, yet many may not realize the tremendous role she played in the life of Our Lord while here on earth, as well as the guidance, support, and intercession she still provides to us from heaven.

As the patron of many specific causes, and a source of joy and comfort to all, the Virgin Mary is called upon for her heavenly intercession by many throughout the world. Honored under many titles and on various feast days, the Blessed Mother is an ever-present beacon of light and hope to all Christians on their journey to heaven.

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2. St. Cecilia

St CeciliaSt. Cecilia, virgin and martyr, is the second most popular Catholic saint and the patroness of music. Legend has it that while she was being wed, she heard beautiful music coming from heaven. For this reason, she is usually depicted sitting at an organ or holding organ pipes in her hand. Her feast day is celebrated on November 22nd.

She had been promised in marriage by her parents to a noble pagan named Valerian. After the celebration of the marriage, while in their bedchamber, she told Valerian that her virginity was protected by an angel. When Valerian asked to see the angel, she said that the only way this was possible was if he believed in God and was baptized. So she sent him to Pope S. Urban, who baptized him. Upon his return as a Christian, Valerian found her praying with an angel standing next to her. The angel then crowned the couple with lilies and roses.

During the time that Cecilia lived in Rome, it was dangerous to be a Christian, and many Christians were arrested and martyred for their actions. After converting four hundred people to Christianity, she was also arrested and condemned to death. During her death, which took place over three days, she was singing songs of praise to God, and never once did she deny her faith. Because of her strong conviction to follow our Lord even unto death, St. Cecilia is a popular model of faith for Catholics today.

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3. St Rita of Cascia

The third most popular saint, St. Rita of Cascia is a unique saint, in that during her life she was a wife, a mother, and later, a nun. Many saints we learn about were called by God to either marriage and children or the consecrated religious life; however, there have been some throughout time who have been blessed with living out both vocations. St. Rita is one such saint.

St. Rita lived during the 14th and 15th century in Italy. Although she was married at any early age to an abusive husband, with whom her relationship lasted for more than 18 years, she was a model wife who prayed constantly for her husband. Even after her husband died in a feud, she discouraged her sons from trying to seek revenge. Following their death, Rita entered the convent in Cascia.

Today, St. Rita is known as the patron saint for abused women, mourning wives and impossible causes. Much of her current popularity stems from the many women turn to her during times of despair, after a death in the family or even after a divorce. She is often depicted in artwork and on medals in a religious sister’s habit, with roses or a rose crown.

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