St. Adrian of Nicomedia

St Adrian of NicomediaSt. Adrian lived in the ancient city of Nicomedia during the fourth century. Under the Roman Emperor Diocletianus, Catholics were denounced, seized and brought in irons before the court of justice of the Emperor. St. Adrian was an officer for the imperial court. However, he was astounded by the strong faith these people were showing. He wanted to learn why they were withstanding such torture for the sake of their beliefs.

Their words of faith, courage and their willingness to die for Jesus completely humbled St. Adrian. He converted to Christianity and refused to persecute the Christians any longer. After his proclamation of faith in Jesus Christ, St. Adrian was immediately brought before the imperial court and was tortured and beheaded on March 4, 304. He was 28 years old.

Images of St. Adrian generally feature weapons and anvils. He is honored as the patron saint of illness and prison guards.

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