St. Alice

St Alice iconSt. Alice, whose exact birth date is unknown, grew up in a tiny village near Brussels in the early 1200s. Also known as Aleydis, Alice entered the Camera Sanctae Mariae, a convent run by the Cistercian order when she was seven. St. Alice suffered much physical pain due to leprosy as well as mental anguish when her affliction forced her into isolation. St. Alice eventually suffered blindness and paralysis because of her leprosy. Because of her humble and courageous response to her affliction, she became an inspiration to the Cistercian community.

St. Alice died in 1250, and there were many miracles attributed through her intercession. In 1907, Pope Pius X canonized her saint. The church celebrates her feast day on June 15.

Today, St. Alice remains an inspiration of courage and humility to all who endure physical afflictions. She is an example of how suffering can bring us closer to Christ. She is known as the patron saint of the blind and paralyzed.

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