St. Aloysius of Gonzaga

St Aloysius of Gonzaga Holy CardSt. Aloysius of Gonzaga was born in 1568, in northern Italy. As the eldest son of an aristocratic family, he was destined to live a life of luxury and status. Aloysius instead chose the life of a Jesuit priest renouncing his wealth and title.

Aloysius suffered with health issues throughout his priestly life. Still, he was happy to serve in a hospital run by Jesuits in Rome. St. Aloysius died from complications brought about from working with patients suffering from the plague. Because of his work with these patients, he is designated as patron saint of those suffering from AIDS as well as their caregivers. Due to his desire to devote his life to Christ at such a young age, he is also patron saint of young students and Christian youth.

St. Aloysius was canonized on December 13, 1726, by Pope Benedict XIII. June 21st is designated as his feast day.

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