St. Catherine of Sweden

St Catherine of SwedenBorn in the 14th century to Saint Bridget of Sweden, St. Catherine of Sweden remained chaste throughout her entire life. Even though she was married to German noble Eggard Lydersson von Kürnen through an arranged marriage, they both took a vow of perpetual chastity. They worked together on many pilgrimages, seeking out and giving aid to the poor and sick.

After Eggard’s death, she continued her work. She became superior of the convent in Wadstena that was founded by her mother. She remained virtuous until her death in 1381. Pope Innocent VIII saw to her canonization a century later in 1484.

St. Catherine of Sweden is often depicted holding a white lily to represent her purity. A deer is pictured alongside her to represent protection against attacks to her chaste and virtue. She is the patron site of anti-abortion movements and miscarriages.

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