St. Christian Demosthenes

St Christian DemosthenesSt. Christian Demosthenes, better known as St. Gregory of Nazianzus, was born between 325 and 329 in Arianzus in what is now Turkey. He was one of three children whose father converted to Christianity. Thirsty for learning, Christian Demosthenes was friend and classmate of St. Basil the Great. Together with Gregory of Nyssa, they were known as the Cappadocian Fathers.

Christian Demosthenes opposed Arianism and Valens, the Arian emperor. This caused a falling out with Basil who posted him to a remote area. With Basil’s death and ascension of Theodosius to Gratian’s throne, he went to Constantinople becoming Bishop from 381 to 390. He often is pictured wearing ornate Bishop’s robes.

Gregory hated city life finishing his days as a hermit writing poetry and religious philosophy along with autobiography. He was considered an architect of Trinitarian theology. He died in 390 of natural causes. His feast day is Jan. 2

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