St. Christina the Astonishing

Icon of St. Christina the AstonishingBorn near Liege Belgium in 1150, she was orphaned at age three. At age twenty-one Christina suffered an epileptic fit and was presumed dead. She then soared to the rook of the church where a Mass was being said for her. The priest ordered her to come down which she did. She then told of going to hell, purgatory and heaven before being allowed to return to pray for the suffering souls in purgatory.

She could not stand the smell of other human beings and would go to great lengths to avoid contact, climbing trees or flying onto roofs or into the rafters or climbing into ovens. Some thought her insane while others venerated her. Christina spent the last few years of her life in the St. Catherine Convent at Saint-Troud.Her feast day is July 24th.

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