St. Daniel

DanielThe name Daniel mean “God is my Judge”. The canon of Catholic scripture contains the Book of Daniel as part of the Old Testament. In it we hear the tale of Daniel and his three companions carried off to Babylon following the capture of the city by Nebuchadnezzar. They were to be trained in the court and are given new names. In observance of Jewish dietary law, they refuse the food and wine provided by the king.

Daniel and his friends gain a reputation for great wisdom. In a number of instances Daniel is the only one who can interpret the dreams of the king, including a dream which foretells the fall of the king’s rule to the rule of the Medes and Persians. Under the new rule, Daniel is appointer to a high position. jealous rivals seek to destroy him by accusing him of worshiping God instead of the king. He is thrown into a den of lions where they assume he will be torn to pieces, but he is rescued from the lions den through his trust in the Lord.

Daniel had a number of visions and in the New testament in Matthew 24:15 Jesus recognizes Daniel as a prophet of God.

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Daniel in the lions den

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