St. Dominic Savio

St Dominic Savio Holy CardWith a feast day on March 9, St. Dominic Savio is patron saint of the falsely accused and choir boys. Born in Italy, he lived from 1842 to 1857. He started praying at age 4 and was an alter boy at age 5. “Death but not sin” was the motto he chose at age 7.

Dominic preached to other children at a school operated by St. John Bosco until he caught ill at age 15. Saying he welcomed death because he wanted to go to Heaven, he died at home. He often is depicted in a prayer pose with hands clasped together.

Dominic became known as saint of the falsely accused when he took the blame for a prank perpetrated by other students. When the prank’s truth was revealed, he said he didn’t fight false charges because he was acting like our Lord who stayed silent during persecution and crucifixion.

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