St. Edwin

St. EdwinSt. Edwin was born as a pagan Prince. This pagan upbringing proved troublesome for him throughout his life, as he struggled about whether or not to convert to Christianity. His life story is peppered with instances where he came to the brink of conversion only to remain between undecided. He finally made a firm and lasting commitment to Christ thanks to the tireless work of Saint Paulinus of York. Pope Boniface, and St. Edwin’s wife, also influenced him to finally accept what Pope Boniface V called “the medicine of salvation.” St. Edwin accepted this medicine and was eventually martyred for the Christian faith.

Today St. Edwin is the patron saint of homeless persons. At first this might seem an odd choice for a man born as a Prince, but this designation seems fitting in light of St. Edwin’s early decision to turn away the Christian faith. Even with his standing in society and his many riches, St. Edwin’s soul remained homeless for many years.

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