St. Grace of Lerida

St. GraceGrace was born in Leridia, Catalonia, in modern Spain and was the daughter of Almanzor the Muslim caliph of the region. She was converted to Christianity by her brother, Saint Bernard (of Lerida) and she is the sister of Saint Maria (of Lerida) as well. Her father was converted to Christianity as well. The only one in the family who remained Muslim was Almanzor her brother.

Her brother Almanzor was unable to be converted by her and her siblings and he turned them into the authorities. Each of them met their ultimate demise due to the Moorish authorities’ lack of faith. She was tortured for her Christian faith and was martyred in 1180.

St. Grace is the patron saint of Valencia, Spain and she is commonly seen holding an ax. Her day of feast is the first of June.

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    • Saint Site Admin says:

      There is no date of birth that we could find at this time, but she was born at in the early 12th century.

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