St. Hannibal di Francia

St. Hannibal di FranciaHannibal Mary Di Francia, born to a knight in Messina, Italy in the year 1851. He lost his father at the age of 15 months old and he led his life being deeply sensitive to children who lost a parent.

He had a strong love for the Eucharist and was permitted to partake of Communion daily as a result of this. At the age of 17, he received the revelation of Rogate, a deep conviction that vocations only come through prayer.

Hannibal had a number of literary abilities and lived an intelligent life. Once he felt God’s call he placed himself at his service. He loved the priesthood and was passionate about that vocation. In addition, he dedicated himself to the poor and the orphans. He saw the people outside of Messina in the poorest neighborhoods as sheep without a shepherd, and the role of the priest to be a shepherd.

St. Hannibal di Francia is the founder of two religious congregations, including the Rogationists and the Daughters of Divine Zeal. St. Hannibal is known as the patron saint of seminaries as well as orphanages due to his work with both of these throughout his life.

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