St. Januarius

St JanuariusSt. Januarius was bishop of Benevento during the Diocletian persecution. He suffered several imprisonments over the course of his time there, including an imprisonment with his own deacon. They faced a grisly death being tossed to wild beasts, but when the wild beasts failed to eat them, they were instead beheaded. The most notable thing left behind by St. Januarius is located in Naples. It’s believed to be his very own blood, which liquefies when it is exposed in the cathedral. No earthly explanation for this phenomenon exists. This is one of the reasons that St. Januarius is known as the Patron Saint of blood banks.

During the Diocletian persecution, St. Januarius retained a steadfast faith in God, and he actively worked to hide fellow Christians from the gruesome death that awaited them if they were caught. Many symbols are associated with St. Januarius, including a red vial on a Bible and a furnace.

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