St. Jason

St Jason of TarsusBorn in Cyprus and honored with a feast day on July 12, St. Jason of Tarsus was one of those hosting St. Paul during his second missionary mission to Salonika. The tumult created by Paul’s message spilled over to Jason’s house where Paul continued his preaching.

Known as kinsman of Paul along with Sts. Sosipater and Lucius, Jason became Bishop of Tarsus in Cilicia. He traveled to Corfu where he preached successfully. However, the long arm of Roman law caught up with him and he was tossed in prison along with Sosipater. That’s where he died a martyr, according to most reports although some say he lived to old age before dying.

Depicted with lions or great beasts symbolic of his martyrdom, Jason was counted in the Seventy Disciples, Jason is honored as a saint in Catholic and Coptic Orthodox churches. Syrians continue to honor Jason as a patron saint.

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