St. Lillian

Saint Lillian was a devout member of the Christian faith and resided in an area taken over by the Moors. Muslim neighbors surrounded her, but she held steadfast to the tenets of her faith. She overcame her fear of sharing her faith and began living openly as a Christian.

In her early years in the community, Saint Lillian wanted to avoid persecution. As she became aware of other Christians who were being persecuted for their faith, she decided to change her way of living. She and her husband began to live openly as Christians.

She suffered martyrdom for expressing her Christian faith in an open manner. She and her husband felt glad to sacrifice their lives in the name of the Christian faith. She was also martyred in 852 with Saint Natalia, Saint George and Saint Aurelius. Today, Christians seek intercession from Saint Lillian for strength to persevere in upholding a Christian life.

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