St. Luke

St. Luke Holy CardThere is not much known about Luke’s life beyond what is found in Scripture. He wrote the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles in the bible.

According to history and scholars, Luke was born as a Greek and a Gentile. It is in his story that people have learned about the good Samaritan and heard Jesus praise the faith of Gentiles.

A convert to Christianity, he followed Saint Paul and is understood to be a physician, as he is described in Colossians 4:14. His writings show an open-mind and concern for all people, including Samaritans, public sinners, lepers and the poor. As a Gospel writer, Luke is the only one who recorded stories of sinful women. His symbol as a gospel writer is that of an Ox because he wrote of Christ as a sacrifice, and oxen are valuable in temple sacrifice.

St. Luke is known as the patron saint of physicians, surgeons and artists. His day of feast is on October 18. He is commonly portrayed with an Ox or painting an image of the Virgin Mary.

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