St. Malachy O’More

Saint Malachy O’More is the first Irish saint to be canonized. He was born in 1094 and died in 1148. His various visions and miracles have made him one of the most famous saints. Saint Malachy had great zeal in sharing the Christian faith. He is also renowned for his writings which contain prophesies of the popes. In one famous vision, he is said to have seen 112 popes come before his eyes.

He later returned to Ireland. Saint Malachy became the archbishop of Armagh, Northern Ireland in 1129. His miracles often included healing individuals with serious illnesses. The demeanor of this saint also contributed to his favor with the people. He was known for being meek, humble and diligent in the pursuit of his studies.

Every year, the Feast of Saint Malachy is celebrated on November 3. He is the Patron Saint of the Archdiocese of Armagh. He is a great example of a leader in faith for students and others in the pursuit of educational goals which require focus, attention and diligence.

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