St. Marie Magdalen Postel

Born on Nov. 28, 1756 at Barfleur, France, St. Marie Magdalen Postel is remembered for sheltering fugitive priests during the tumult of the French Revolution, then educating girls. Baptized as Julia Frances Catherine, she was educated with the Benedectine Order at a Valognes convent. When only 18 years old, she founded a girls school at Barfleur. French revolutionaries shut down the school after which she used the building to hide priests.

Marie Magdalen Postel was allowed to continue with her educational mission when Napoleon and the Vatican reached an agreement guaranteeing freedom of religion in 1801. Along with three other teachers, she took vows at Cherbourg in 1807 and helped found the Sisters of the Christian Schools.

Named Superior of the Order, she took the name of Mary Magdalen. Later, she was obliged to move a few times, finally acquiring the abbey of St. Sauveur le Vicomte. She died July 16, 1846. Pope Pius XI canonized her in 1925. Her feast day is July 16th.

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