St. Marina

Saint Marina was born into a family of nine children. Her mother died early in age, so her father hired a nanny to care for the children. Marina’s parents had been noble pagans in the community, but her nanny was a devout Christian and taught her about the faith. She grew to adhere to the Christian faith after learning these teachings.

Saint Marina desired to be a martyr for the Christian faith. She told her father about her faith, and he did not support it. The town soon discovered that Marina and her sisters were practicing the Christian faith, and the sisters were then brought before the governor. Their father attempted to persuade them to give up the Christian faith in exchange for luxury items, but Marina and her sisters refused.

Ultimately, the sisters were imprisoned for their faith and beheaded. At the time of her beheading, a spring of water began to pour out of the same spot. Today, the spot is known as “Holy Waters.” Her sainthood can serve as a role model for young women struggling with whether they should conform to society’s pressures or follow their true faith in God.

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