St. Mark

St Mark Holy CardPatron saint of notaries, St. Mark the Evangelist was responsible for the second Gospel, probably written around the year 60 in Rome. Seeking to convert as many souls as possible, he wrote the scripture in Greek.

Mark, sometimes referred to as John Mark, and his mother were very important in the early Church. His mother often held meetings for Christians at their Jerusalem home. Later, Mark was connected to St. Barnabas and St. Paul through missionary work to Cyprus. He also proselytized in Rome along with Ss. Paul and Peter. Lore speaks of his founding the Alexandria Church. The Coptic Church says he was martyred in the year 68.

Romans asked Mark to transcribe St. Peter’s teachings making the second Gospel a record of Jesus’ life as seen through Peter’s eyes. Mark’s feast day is celebrated on April 25. He often is depicted holding an open Bible while preaching Gospel.

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