St. Martha

St Martha Holy CardSt. Martha is said to have had contact with Jesus himself during her lifetime. The exactly quote is “Jesus loved Martha and Mary and Lazarus.” Evidence of this relationship is found in the gospel of John, which documents Martha’s inviting Jesus into her home. When Jesus was inside Martha’s home, she served Him entirely. She’s said to have cooked for him, which is one of the reasons that she was is the patron saint of cooks. Her hospitality to Jesus during his visits to her home makes her one of the few saints that had personal contact with Christ Himself.

St. Martha is also the patron saint of innkeepers and maids. She believed in serving the Lord, and did so in person, giving us a reason to call upon her in those moments when our function is to serve. She did so with great joy in her heart. We can follow this example. Her medals frequently show her with her hands joined in prayer. Her feast day is July 29th.

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