St. Raymond

Raymond was born in Spain in the year 1204. His mother died during the birth and he was delivered by Caesarian. He became Raymond of Nonnatus and this translates to “not born”.

Raymond joined the Order of Mercy and became their chief ransomer following St. Peter Nolasco in Barcelona. His travels took him to the Barbary Coast in order to free Christian hostages. He gave himself for the hostages when his money ran out. He converted several guards while being tortured and as punishment, his lips were padlocked.

Raymond was able to escape the death sentence due to the ransom that he could bring and was later ransomed by St. Peter Nolasco. Upon his release Raymond was made the Cardinal of Spain by Pope Gregory IX, though he died the next year on his way to Rome.

St. Raymond is the patron saint of midwives and expectant mothers and his day of feast is August 31.

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