St. Regina

The history of St. Regina is largely unknown although a general outline exists. She was born around 236 in Alesia on the boarder of ancient Gaul and Rome. Her father, Clement was a prominent, and wealthy, pagan. Her mother died at childbirth. A Christian nurse who baptized her became guardian.

Regina tended sheep for the nurse following her father disowning her due to her beliefs. The prefect of Gaul, Olybrius, decided to marry her. However, she refused to renounce her faith and denied his proposal. He threw her in prison where she was tortured while he fought off the barbarians.

Olybrius returned from war to find Regina still rejecting his advances. He had her throat cut in 286 at Autun. Depicted with a vision of a dove and cross while being tortured, she is the patron saint of torture victims, poor people, and shepherdesses. Her feast day is Sept. 7.

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