St. Richard

As a lad, St. Richard of Chichester lost his parents, who were heavily in debt at the time of their death. His older brother was imprisoned by English authorities to pay off the money that his parents still owed. Richard successfully farmed his brother’s property and was offered all those lands and an excellent marriage upon his older brother’s release. However, Richard had a calling and chose the priesthood instead.

His legal training at Oxford while studying for the priesthood made him a formidable opponent when he was challenged by the King of England for Richard’s devotion to the care of the poor and solid stance against corruption within the Church. St. Richard gave everything he had to care for the sick and poverty-stricken and often performed healing miracles.

St. Richard died in 1253 and was canonized by Pope Urban IV in 1262. His Feast Day is April 3. He is the Patron Saint of Coachmen due to the time spent caring for his brother’s farm where he skillfully handled the horse-drawn wagons.

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