St. Ronan

St. Ronan of Locronan was a popular Irish bishop who lived in the sixth century. Seeking to become closer to God, he left Ireland and traveled to Brittany in order to live an ascetic life.

As his fame and popularity in the region grew, a local woman became jealous and accused Ronan of transforming into a wolf. She claimed that he had murdered her only child and called for a trial. Ronan, innocent of the charge, located the child’s body and revealed that the mother was responsible for the child’s death. Amid calls for the execution of the errant parent, he showed mercy and chose to restore the young girl to life.

After Ronan’s death, there were many reports of the healing and protective power of his relics. The King of Cornouaille was the only one who could lift St. Ronan’s body onto the funeral bier. His wounded arm was healed after touching and lifting the sacred man’s body.

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