St. Thomas a Becket

St. Thomas A Becket started his career as a friend of King Henry. While studying for the cloth and still a young man, a chance encounter brought the future Archbishop of Canterbury into contact with the young King of England. They immediately bonded and became fast friends.

When the post of Archbishop suddenly became vacant, King Henry petitioned the Pope on behalf of his friend, reasoning that their strong friendship would allow Henry to gain more control over the Church in England. St. Thomas A. Becket famously switched allegiance to the Church and the fast friends turned into fierce foes.

Thomas was killed at the base of the Canterbury Cathedral alter by the swords of medieval knights seeking the favor of a King.King Henry deeply regretted his friend’s murder but the damage was done and the Medieval Church was deeply affected by the event.

Pilgrims transformed the Canterbury Cathedral into a shrine to Thomas A Becket. His Feast Day December 29th and he is symbolically associated with a sword through a mitre. Because of his devotion to the Church, he is one of the Patron Saints of the Priesthood.

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