St. Timothy

Timothy was the son of a converted Jewess and a Greek father. He joined St. Paul after listening to him preach in his birthplace of Lystra. He soon became a close friend and confidant of the saint. Paul permitted him to be circumcised and then accompanied him on his second mission trip.

Timothy remained in Berea after Paul was forced to flee and then was sent to Thessalonica to report on Christian conditions and encourage those facing persecution. Timothy was also responsible for going to Corinth to remind the Corinthians about the teachings of Paul. Timothy is believed to have been with Paul during his imprisonment in Caesarea.

Timothy became the first bishop of Ephesus and when he opposed the Katagogian festival, a pagan honor of Diana, he was stoned to death.

St. Timothy is the patron saint of stomach ailments. His feast day is January 26. He is portrayed in certain medals with his right hand raised and a scroll in his left hand.

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