St. Uriel the Archangel

St. Uriel the Archangel is often portrayed carrying the Sword of Truth. His name means “God is my light” or “Fire of God”. Known as the angel of wisdom, Uriel shines the light of God’s truth in a dark world. He reminds people that hearts should burn for the love of God.

As an Archangel, St. Uriel is among those at the head of the company of angels. He is a personification of the Divine Fire that hails from heaven. Fire also serves as a reminder for the descent of the Holy Spirit during the time of Pentecost.

As the angel of wisdom, Uriel is the patron saint of the arts and sciences. As a representation of the fire of God’s truth, Uriel is also a patron for those making Confirmation. Uriel’s feast day is July 28. He is commonly portrayed with a scroll, a flaming sword or a flame on his open hand.

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