St. Zita

St ZitaBorn around 1212 to a poor, but religiously observant, family, St. Zita is the patron of domestic help. Many times those who have lost keys appeal to Zita for aid. Known for positive deeds and visions of heaven, she often visited the sick and those in prison.

At age 12, Zita became a maid in a wealthy weaver’s family at Lucca, Italy, about 10 miles from Monte Sagrati where she lived. She remained in the family’s employ for nearly 50 years attending Mass daily while cleaning so well other servants were jealous. Her work was holy, as she famously said, because being busy was a sign of holiness while lazy people were fake.

Zita also was sought by the wealthy for guidance and hope. She had a flexible schedule allowing her to serve the poor and sick. She died of natural causes in 1272. Her feast day is April 27.

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