Patron Saints of Sports and Athletes

Get your game-on with help from a heavenly helper. Patron saint medals featuring a variety of sports and saintly patrons, including St. Sebastian patron saint of athletes, St. Rita patron saint of baseball, St. Christopher Patron saint of travelers, along with Guardian Angel medals and more. Twenty-eight different sports are represented in this collection, offering many options for coaches, players, fans and supporters.

Participation in sports requires a number of qualities. While success in any sport requires commitment and perseverance, certain sports require additional qualities. Basketball, Baseball, Field Hockey, Football are all team endeavours and require a great ability to work and achieve cooperatively with other team members. Archery, Fishing, Golf, Gymnastics, Skiing and Karate represent more individual focussed achievements.

For all kinds of sports the primary patron saint, St. Sebastian serves as a role model of dedication, endurance and fortitude. St. Christopher is also included in our patron saints of sports offerings because so many sports require travel, and St. Christopher is the patron Saint of Travel. St Kateri (Equestrian) and St. Rita (Baseball) are linked to a single sport. While the Guardian Angel is every present across all activities of our lives, including when we participate in a sporting event.