St. Ambrose was one of the four original Latin doctors of the church. He is the patron saint of Milan and was one of the 4th century’s most ecclesiastical figures.

Ambrose strongly opposed Arianism, because the Arians taught that Jesus Christ was not God, but only a man, created like other men. He was renowned for his great learning and piety and for the eloquence of his sermons. It was through his preaching and holy example that St. Augustine of Hippo became convinced of the truth of the Faith and abandoned his sinful lifestyle.

St. Ambrose was generous to the poor. In fact, his medal shows him praying over someone. His symbol includes bees or beehives because of the honeyed tongue his father said he would have after a swarm of bees landed on his infant face and left but a drop of honey. He stressed liturgical flexibility where variability between churches could occur. He died in 397, and his body can still be viewed at the church of St. Ambrogio in Milan.