Saint Augustine of Hippo, a man of great intellect and one of the most important Church fathers, sought comfort in worldly pleasures but found no solace in them. His life is an example of how worldly distractions interfere with living a true Christian life. His quote, “I have learned to love you late, beauty at once so ancient and so new!” is testament to his powerful and complete conversion to Christianity.

Pope Boniface VII designated St. Augustine as Doctor of the Church in 1298. The Western Church celebrates the feast of St. Augustine on August 28. Eastern Christianity designates June 15 as his feast day and the Assyrian Church celebrates November 4 as his feast day. He is the patron saint of brewers, printers and theologians. His search for truth and subsequent devotion to Christ also makes St. Augustine a saintly hero for members of the RCIA or recent converts to Catholicism.