An itinerant preacher who appealed greatly to women, St. Bernardine of Siena was known for such great skill in converting people he is considered the patron saint against lung problems and respiratory illness. He is also the patron of advertising, public relations, and speaking. He lived from 1380 to 1444 and is honored by a feast day on May 20.

A renowned partisan of peace in the Franciscan manner, Bernardine mediated between feuding factions in Renaissance Italy and was considered especially attuned to the demands of secular living. He often preached during bonfires of vanities, exorcisms, and other dramatic events often ending in mass reconciliations. He preached for hours on end with mercy as his message.

Often depicted with a sun-like scepter in his right hand, Bernardine was called a second Paul by Pope Pius II. He turned down several bishop posts but finally accepted the position of general vicar in his order. He continued preaching to his very last days.