Saint Blaise is the Patron of Throat Illnesses and much of this has to do with a legend that a boy was brought to Saint Blaise who had a fishbone caught in his throat. The boy was going to die, however Blaise was able to heal him. An invocation to St. Blaise and a blessing blessing of the throat remains in practice today The blessing is done by using two candles, held open slightly and then pressed against the throat.

The history of Saint Blaise is not as well-known as some of the other saints. He is believed to have lived during the fourth century under the reign of Licinius. He was raised as a Christian in Armenia and became a bishop of Sebastea.

Once Blaise became a bishop, there was a new level of Christian persecutions beginning. He received a message from God to escape to the hills in order to avoid persecution. He came upon a cave that was surrounded by sick animals. He was able to cure them of their illness. The men who were hunting in this area recognized him as a bishop where he was brought before the governor and killed.

St. Blaise is also the patron saint of wild animals due to his care of them as well as musicians who play wind instruments