St. Boniface is the patron saint of Germany and was instrumental in spreading Christianity to the Frankish empire. He lived during the 8th century and died in 754. He is known as one of the most prominent figures in expanding and reforming Christianity in 8th century Europe. Loyal to the Pope, he worked hard to remove the pagan customs and heretical ideas which had crept into the Christian Church. In a confrontation with paganism he cut down a great oak held as sacred to a pagan god to show the powerlessness of the pagan way.

Although he is strongly revered for his work in all circles, it is for his work propagating Christianity in Germany that he was martyred. He remains a respected part of Germany as a national figure there. His legacy is that of the patron saint of Germany, tailors/brewers. Medals bearing the likeness of St. Boniface usually depict him holding a cross a sword and a book. Today St. Boniface stands as an example of faith, perseverance, and strength.