St. Brigid of Ireland is believed to have been born around the year 453 in Faughart, Ireland. Much of her history is mixed with pagan Irish folklore, though there are numerous accounts to show that she performed a number of miracles.

Brigid had a special love for the poor, even at an early age. She kept clothes and food for them and was known to give away what she was supposed to be collecting for her family. Her parents were less than forgiving about this and made an attempt to bring her to the king’s court. After giving her father’s sword to a leper, her father is outraged, though the king praises her, this freeing her from bondage.

At the age of 15, she devoted herself to God’s service. She founded a convent at Ardagh and created a number of foundations. She is the only native patron saint of Ireland (the other patron saint is Patrick, though he was not born of Ireland). She has become the patron saint for midwives, babies and countless other things.