Find a Saint Christopher Necklace, Medal or Rosary – Saint Christopher, patron saint of travelers, is one of the most popular saints in the world. Religious medals like a Saint Christopher medal are often worn as a necklace by placing the medal on a chain. Wearing the necklace has the devotional effect of keeping company with that saint throughout the day.

Virtually all depictions of St. Christopher feature an image of Christopher with the Christ child on his shoulder wading in water. As you look for the perfect St Christopher Necklace you will appreciate the wide variety of styles and sizes in Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, and 14 Kt Gold in our collection. Due to St. Christopher’s protection he is found on Saint Medals for Athletes and on our line of  Military Medals.

St. Christopher is the patron Saint of: Travelers, motorists, drivers, sailors and transportation workers to name a few. Learn more about St. Christopher.