A humble carpenter’s daughter, St. Colette was born on Jan. 13, 1380 in Picardy, France at Corby Abbey. She was orphaned at age 17. Following that, she gave her inheritance to the poor, became a Franciscan lay member and lived in isolation at the abbey. Her feast day is March 6.

While known for her piety and spiritual awareness, Colette had a dream in 1406 that started her reformation of the Poor Clares. A branch of that group is now known as the Colletines. Peter de Lua, who was called Pope Benedict XIII by the French, appointed her Mother Superior of the convents she reformed. She eventually formed 17 convents and reformed many more.

Known for sanctity and visions of the Passion, Colette often is pictured administering blessings to kneeling supplicants. She foretold her death at her Ghent, Belgium convent before dying in 1447. The Church canonized her in 1807.