St. Edburga (Also: Eadburh) was the daughter of King Edward the Elder. While two of her brothers became kings in their own right, Edburga attained spiritual rater than temporal greatness. At three when offered the choice of gold and jewelry or a chalice and paten, she chose the later, a sign of her inclination toward the things of God.

During her lifetime, she was a nun at Nunnaminster in Winchester. Though historical documentation of her life was sparse, we do know that she was a respected calligrapher. Known by her contemporaries as a holy and humble servant of God, she also is said to have by night, washed the socks of her fellow sisters. She is said to have performed many miracles over the course of her life. It is with gentleness and faith in her God that St. Edburga that performed her miracles. Her canonization date is listed as 972, and her feast day is June 15. There is a shrine dedicated to her at Pershore in Worcestershire, England.

St. Edburga patron saint medals usually show her in a nun’s habit, with a tranquil expression on her face reflecting the peace of the Christian lifestyle. they also may show her washing clothing.